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Over 50,000 smiling users have redeemed their free gift cards 🙂

“@chilitv just got my 3rd free amazon gift card! The TV box is completely free and makes me money every month!”


“The TV turns on when I’m home and shows me photos of my dog and earns money for me every month! It’s unbelievable!”


@chilitv this is the easiest $ I’ve made! And my tv screen is so much smarter and useful now! Thank you!



Why are the max points per day always different?2019-07-08T19:25:27+00:00

Earnings per day fluctuate because the advertiser pays differently every day. For example, when there’re holidays or big sales coming up, advertisers would pay more. That’s why the max points are different everyday.

What is CHILI TV and how do I get it?2019-03-15T14:20:59+00:00

CHILI TV is similar to a Roku stick or a Fire TV Stick. CHILI TV is designed to run screensavers and promotions on your TV, while giving you rewards and gift cards.

You can order your CHILI TV box on http://getchili.tv, just fill out a quick survey and order through the link provided. We will ship a TV box to the address provided. And when we ship the product, you will get an email notification.

How to install CHILI TV?2019-03-15T14:18:15+00:00

The process is simple and should take less than 5 minutes:

  1. Once you received your CHILI TV, plug your CHILI TV box into the HDMI port on your TV, and then plug the power adaptor into a nearby electrical socket. Turn on your TV and then select the appropriate HDMI input.
  2. Find download links to our mobile apps through this page.
  3. Connect to CHILI TV box WIFI and enter your home WIFI information.
  4. Turn on HDMI CEC of your TV
  5. Register and you are all set!

Here is a link to the detailed step by step guide.

What are CHILI points?2019-10-23T17:11:31+00:00

CHILI Points is the reward to users. The conversion to USD is 100 points per $1 dollar. You can use the points to redeem gift cards or free services like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, HBO and many more!

My TV doesn’t have HDMI-CEC, what do I do?2019-07-01T15:48:03+00:00

You can still use CHILI TV! During the setup process, click on “Cannot not find HDMI-CEC”, confirm that “My TV doesn’t have CEC”, then click on “I will turn on my TV manually”. Next, set a timer for us to remind you to turn on your CHILI.


Once CHILI is set up, you can just manually turn on CHILI by clicking on “Turn on CHILI now” in the app to earn points every day!

It sounds too good to be true – where is the money from?2019-03-15T15:27:25+00:00

TV advertisers spend over $700 on each American family every year (source). We want to send a good portion of that back to you!

TV advertisers like the idea too. As cord-cutting and ad-free services such as Netflix become more popular, Americans are watching less TV promotions. Advertisers are on board with us on sending you gift cards for more promotional screen time!

Can I have multiple Chilis installed?2019-06-10T14:43:19+00:00

We currently only allow 1 device per household.

How do I know if CHILI TV is working?2019-03-15T15:38:50+00:00

Your TV should automatically turn on everyday at the time you set, and your CHILI points will increase accordingly. If both of these are true, your CHILI TV is working perfectly!

What are Welcome Bonuses?2019-03-15T14:19:07+00:00

The below bonus points will be awarded once the CHILI TV box has been successfully installed and activated for the specified amount of days:

Day 1: 200 points

Day 7: 50 points.

Day 30: 50 points

Day 60: 50 points

Day 90: 50 points

Day 180: 100 points

What exactly will show up on my TV once I set everything up?2019-05-17T16:19:15+00:00

During the setup, we’ll ask you for the best hour to turn on CHILI TV everyday. Most of our users set it to 6PM, right after they get home preparing for dinner.

Then everyday at 6PM, the CHILI box will automatically turn on your TV through TV’s HDMI-CEC feature. The TV will then display awesome pictures of nature, news headlines, and promotions.

How to redeem CHILI Points?2019-03-15T14:19:13+00:00

Every 1,000 CHILI Points can be redeemed for a $10 gift card. CHILI Points become redeemable after they were awarded for 30 days.

You can redeem in the CHILI TV app’s Redeem screen and select the e-gift card of your choice.

Do CHILI Points expire?2019-03-15T14:19:03+00:00

No they do not expire. You can redeem any time as long as you hit the minimal redeemable amount!

How long will CHILI TV be on?2019-05-17T16:23:37+00:00

CHILI TV only needs to be on for 30 minutes everyday. You can set a timer through the app so that CHILI can turn on the TV for you, or you can manually start CHILI TV through the app.

Once CHILI TV is on for 30 minutes and done playing, it will turn the TV off for you through TV’s HDMI-CEC feature.


Does earning the points require me to purchase any goods first?2019-03-15T14:19:18+00:00

Nope, not at all. The points are earned through the CHILI TV platform. The points can be redeemed to PayPal credits or gift cards. Spend it whenever and wherever you want to 🙂


What if I want to switch to Netflix or cable when CHILI TV is on?2019-10-23T17:03:23+00:00

If during the 30 minutes when CHILI TV is on, you want to start watching your favorite shows on Netflix orcable, you can switch your TV’s input source anytime you like using your TV remote.

For most TV remotes, we’ve programmed a shortcut for you to switch TV’s input source back. Press any arrow button or OK/Enter, and CHILI TV will switch the TV’s input source back to what you were watching before.

What if I’m already watching Netflix or cable, would CHILI TV interrupt?2019-05-17T16:25:19+00:00

No. CHILI TV will never interrupt or start itself when you’re already using the TV.

What TVs does CHILI TV support?2019-03-15T16:28:19+00:00

CHILI TV supports all HDMI-CEC compatible TVs. 90% of modern TVs made in the past 5 years support HDMI-CEC. Through CEC, CHILI TV can turn on the TV for you everyday, so you never forget to earn those rewards!

Here is how you can find out if your TV supports HDMI-CEC.

Why is CHILI TV free to purchase? How does CHILI TV make money?2019-06-20T20:24:44+00:00

The CHILI TV platform partners with merchant advertisers and earns a small commission for delivering the promotions. Some of those earnings are passed along to our users.

CHILI TV box is free rental because we want everyone to be able to claim the rewards, so we subsidize the hardware cost. If the rented CHILI box is lost or severely damaged beyond repair, a $12.99 hardware fee may be incurred depending on the condition of the device.

To keep CHILI TV free and accessible to our users, and to discourage waste, if the device hasn’t been activated for 60 days since delivery, we would ask for the rented CHILI back or a $12.99 only hardware fee will be applied.

How much electricity does CHILI TV Box use every year?2019-05-17T16:42:47+00:00

$0.80/year – for an 40 inch TV, 30 minutes use per day, 11 cents per kWh. The exact cost depends on your TV model and your utility rates.

Below is an example estimate from a 39 inch LG TV. The $8/year estimate is assuming 5 hours usage per day. CHILI TV is on for 30 minutes per day and uses 1/10 of LG’s estimate. Hence the $0.80/year estimate.

What information does CHILI retrieve?2019-07-29T17:16:36+00:00

When you become a member of CHILI TV you share a limited amount of information in connection with the registration process, including your name, email address, member password and other registration information. When you use the CHILI TV Box and Apps, you share related information, including your email, shipping address and billing address, and information needed for us to reward you gift cards, including your Paypal or email information. You also share your payment information for the initial $4.99 shipping fee before we ship the CHILI TV Box to you and for the subsequent $12.99 charge on the CHILI TV Box if your device is inactive for more than 60 days or if you wish to deactivate your account or if the free rented CHILI box is lost or severely damaged beyond repair, a $12.99 hardware fee may be incurred depending on the condition of the device.

In addition, to function properly and to help us better understand how our products work on various devices, browsers and TVs. We collect and process pseudonymous – i.e. not directly identifying – data about users and members, devices, and ads and where they’re shown.

This includes:

  • Unique cookie identifiers
  • Mobile device advertising identifiers
  • IP addresses
  • Interest information stored and/or used on the platform by clients and partners
  • Interest and other information explicitly provided by Users
  • Interest information we create
  • Other information about browsers and devices, such as type, version and settings
  • Location information based on IP address or latitude/longitude coordinates, if provided to us
  • Information about ads that are shown, such as which ads are shown to a device or member, where (which web page or app) they are shown, and at what time

This information also allows us to upgrade and improve your experience. We use this information to provide a consistent experience across the devices you use, help ensure that our content is displayed properly, understand how, where and which devices access our Services, customize and tailor content and advertisements to our members’ profiles, and improve the overall quality and delivery of our Services.

You can read more about information we collect in privacy policy 

How to send us your TV’s model number2019-07-29T20:23:16+00:00

Model numbers are usually a series of letters and numbers, like Samsung UE65NS9000T. They are at the back of the TV. The easiest way to send us your TV’s model number is to take a picture of the label and send it to us should you run into setup issues.

Image result for tv model number

How does your Referral Program work?2019-08-01T15:12:26+00:00

We are currently offering you the opportunity to refer friends via a referral program. You can follow the on-screen instructions to refer friends, family members or colleagues whom you personally know (“Friends”). Users may refer a maximum of 100 Friends throughout the entirety of the Program.

Once an individual makes a referral, he/she becomes a “Referrer” and will be provided with a unique referral link (“Personal Link”) that allows him or her to receive the benefit or reward advertised on the Platform, as applicable. Referred Friends must bring their CHILI devices online for you to get referral bonus points.

You can earn a maximum of $500 in rewards from Valid Referrals.

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